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    Freitag, März 07, 2008

    My fastnet experience

    Ive been in Jakarta for like 7 months now and ive been having this incurable thirst for bandwith (what i way to put it :p). So naturally, ive been searching for a visible bandwith solution thats been available for me. After toying with the ideas of buying a 3.5G mobile phone, ive decided that i still love my simplistic yet functional NX-200D and goes for fast net.

    Fast Net is a broadband solution from First media (used to be Kabel Vision), and fortunately my home was on their coverage area. The registration is quite simple, first i fills up the form on their web and 30 minutes later their customer service or sales girl phoned me for confirmation. Then, after some phone calls and faxes, the internet connection was installed in the next day. So that would take like, 3 days. I registered for the cheapest package :P

    The first day was ok, so and the day after. And then after a week my internet connection was off. After checking their website, ive learned that their doing some maintenancing thingy. My internet connection would stay off for three more days and then i called their customer service and now my internet connection is back online again and very very stable.

    So overall, my experience with fastnet is Ok. Im quite satisfied with their internet connection. But sadly, right now i live in my cousin's home. Meaning i would have to move out sometime in the near future, and lets hope my future home would still be in Fast Net's coverage area.

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