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    Montag, Dezember 22, 2008

    Rizki has (finally) seen BOLT and loves it

    So after waiting for some time i finally decided to watch Bolt. And i didnt expect the number of kids that shows up at the theater are still... a lot ! But thank goodness no one cries at the theater, at least during the movie.

    But first, why am i reluctant to watch Bolt ? well, because of Buzz Lightyear. I remember the first time seeing Toy Story, i was so sad in the scene where Buzz just found out that hes just a toy. Thats cruel man, i dont know about any other kids but for me, thats just sad. Imagine that all your believes being shattered like that, from (feeling like) somebody to become nobody. Thats just sad. And the premise of Bolt is a similar situation like that. Another movie that reminds me of Bolt is The Truman Show.

    Just like The Truman Show, Bolt is a star in the hit tv series "Bolt", staring a little girl named Penny and her super dog Bolt. And just like The Truman Show, Bolt didnt knew that he was just a regular dog doing a stunt for a tv show. Everything was set up for Bolt to believe that Penny is in danger and he has super power to saves her. When the network is concerned about the rating, they decided to do a cliffhanger ending, where Penny is kidnapped. And Bolt, not realizing all of these, escapes from his trailer to find Penny where he accidentally get shipped ... or rather ... boxed to New York.

    The rest of stories follow Bolt's journey trying to get back from New York back to Hollywood. Along the way, he gain the friendship of Mittens, an alley cat and Rhino the hamster in the ball. They helped Bolt in dealing with his breakdown when he founds out that he has no superpower and that the lightning mark in his body was just make up. I wont spoil the ending, but mind you, this is a very good movie. Some might say its a tear jerker movie, but this is a good solid Disney family film. It got humor, action and will touch your feeling. And if you love your dogs, you will love Bolt