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    Donnerstag, Mai 28, 2009

    In Indonesia, Star Trek fan and Star Wars fan is the same person !

    Commonly, people who loves Star Wars loathe Star Trek. And vice versa. Lots of evidence on this. As you can see on this video on YouTube :-)

    But here, in Indonesia, lots of Trekkies are Star Wars fans too ! and the same thing also applies for Star Wars fans. Lots of them are Star Trek fans too.

    As You can see on the member page of Indo-StarTrek. Despite the LCars user interface, the federation backdrop, you can find a member whose mugshot is a picture of him wearing a jedi hood and holding a lightsaber. And he stands peacefully among other members who wears the famous star trek uniform.

    Next week, on June 14th, 2009, we will have a premiere of Star Trek 9 at IMAX Keong Mas Theatre. People have been asked to wear their uniform. Unfortunately I left my Star Trek uniform back home at Surabaya, but I will definitely be there. This should be exciting. Hope to see some old friends :-)

    And some good news for the Trekkers *the political correct term is trekkers, not trekkies btw*, I've heard they (the one who owns Star Trek intelectual properties in Indonesia) are pretty excited themself. And probably will do a follow up convention, maybe doing some signing session *gasp!*

    ps, theres a non-scientific way to proof how equal Indonesia's love for Star Trek and Star Wars. Just hit googlefight :P

    Freitag, Mai 22, 2009

    Facebook is king in Indonesia

    Its official, Facebook is king in Indonesia. Just now i checked on and to my surprise, Facebook who was number 2 last month is now the number one top site in Indonesia. You can see the chart here.

    Beating Google and Yahoo. Something thats unimaginable before. Since theoritically 70% of all user starts their activity from search engine page.

    Facebook rise altough it has been forecasted, but no one has predicted that they will come to Indonesia like this. Last year, in August 2008 Facebook user is only some 600 thousand users. But now we have almost 2 million users from Indonesia.

    With the spike of user growth happens in late 2008. Coincidentally with the growth of BlackBerry. In fact, one of the reason that we are having lots and lots of crackberry (blackberry user :P) nowadays in Indonesia is facebook. Push mail and internet messaging is not the killer app. But facebook is. Blackberry has moved from business phone into a social phone.

    I guess facebook entered Indonesia at the right time. Internet is getting cheaper. Everyone is starting to access the internet from their mobile phone. And off course, the BlackBerry factor.

    For now, google and yahoo must find a way to get back into the number one spot. The king is dead. Long live the king !

    Donnerstag, Mai 21, 2009


    Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been officially cancelled.
    Rest in Peace. You can read the news here.

    Too bad, its one of my favourite show. And the last 5 episodes of season 2 is one of the best tv episodes that i have ever seen.

    Sonntag, April 26, 2009

    So long Geocities

    Geocities is dead, well... not dead yet, but soon.
    Yahoo has decided to pull the plug on Geocities. Its too bad :( I created my first homepage on geocities almost 10 - 11 years ago. And i still host the files to this page on my geocities account.
    I guess i better start designing new theme for the blog and moving my files away

    So long Geocities, you will be remembered
    Thank you for the memories
    You are one of the best of the 1.0

    article in PCWorld

    Dienstag, März 24, 2009

    New Blog

    Yep, its me again
    Trying to post some blog in Bahasa Indonesia.
    Again, i will post whenever i like about whatever i feels like.

    Mittwoch, Januar 07, 2009

    Hurray for bandwith

    After being down for almost a week, our internet is back online. Yeah baby yeah

    Mittwoch, Dezember 31, 2008

    New Connection

    Heres the result for the new internet connection at my new home. Pretty low i know, it looks like i have to complain to get more speed