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    Sonntag, September 14, 2008

    My weekend, baking Fried Oreo and Fried Snickers

    Well, here it is. Fried Oreo and Fried Snickers.

    I got the recipe from youtube.
    Its very simple. Use pancake powders, just add water. First you got to freeze your oreos, so they didnt cracked up when u cover them with powder. Then all u got to do is deep fry them until their colors turn to gold and brown. Let them cool off, and give them some sugar.
    Same thing with the snickers.

    Unfortunately i didnt buy pancake powder today, so i had to make them using wheat flours (tepung terigu), eggs, milk, sugar and margarines. I guess i miss one ingridients, baking soda. The skin that cover the oreos and snickers didnt really expanded, cauze i kinda expect the fried snickers to be like a hotdog on a stick.

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