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    Mittwoch, April 28, 2004

    RAY of light

    Ok, rasanya gua kudu delete beberapa postingan lama deh
    gak penting lagi
    gak relevan
    coz u know what ?
    i have a vision !
    a television !!!
    ok garing

    enuff with the preacher emulator's stuff

    coz i have truely found my truth
    my truth is here

    and just like that my live has changed
    and now, im a Bounty Hunter !!!
    *drum rolls please*

    its all about the dumdumdudidumdum

    if i was a KISA, knight in shining armor (so they say)
    all this time, i was unemployed
    but now, im back in the action again
    and i will do anything to serve my princess

    dia kan maunya equal yah
    oh yeah, ill try to be a good team player ;-)
    i will...

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