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    Sonntag, Februar 20, 2005

    its dat time o da month

    been bz, seminar and workshop @ ITS
    yep, the good ol` ITS
    l8er @ the 25th, i will also be givin a Flash workshop @ the hitech mall 4 the students of UNAIR

    alas, its also dat time o da month
    no, im not broke, i have money
    see ? this is my cash *cha ching !*
    i also have a brand new PDA. Ok, its not a brand new, but almost like brand new. Bought a recently swapped Tungsten|T. And boy do i miss this baby.
    Been through lots of pdas, T|T is my favourite. Irda, Bluetooth, it got everything. Sturdy case. I even got a leather case and a metal case as a bonus in the box :-)
    I think i got my self a good deal. And no, im not broke. Yes, its that time of the month, i know. But my financial condition is the least that im worrying right now.

    I guess im worried that im having the employee syndrom. Waiting for that time of the month. Waiting for our payday.

    Dammit ! Wake up Q !

    In other news, i saw Meet the fockers. And quite frankly, it doesnt impress me much as i hope it will. BUT, i also saw If Only, you know, the chick movie with JLH on it. The only reason i went to see this movie is JLH 0WNS J00 !!!

    Surprisingly its a good (tear jerker) movie. Altough JLH's boobs isnt quite big as they used to be, JLH is still as adorable as ever. And oh, the movie's tagline "He love her like there is no tomorrow" should give you a clear hint about what this movie is all about. Its a good date movie, you should bring your loved one to see this with you.

    Sigh, tomorrow is monday, back to workdays again.
    I really missed saturday.
    Weekend is the only time where i got to see my belle, Dannii...

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