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    Freitag, Mai 20, 2005

    Finally ! Episode:3

    StarWars Episode 3 : Revenge Of The Sith finally made it here, in Surabaya.
    Its a mixture of joy and sadness event. Well, im happy because we can watch it simultaneously with all the people in the world. And im sad, because such a historic event, the last of the starwars movie (untill some young punk director come up to George Lucas to do the episode 7,8,9) might have gone unnoticed.

    Its just so quite. No promo and marketing gimmick. Its a contrasting sight to the Episode 2 Premiere here a couple of years ago. The Episode 3's ticket was sold just as ordinary movie ticket. No special events, none, nothing whatsoever. So its a common sight to see a theatre showing Episode 3 with lots of empty seats.

    Anyway, lets talk about the movie.
    StarWars Episode 3 : Revenge Of The Sith is simply the baddest, the darkest of all StarWars Movie. It beats the event where Han Solo was carbonized, or Vader cut Luke's hand and confessing that hes Luke's father. Its all about drama. And its all about action at the same time. This time, George Lucas really did it. The pace was almost perfect. Unlike the Episode 1 and 2, i didnt really feel a gap in the storyline. The story was flowing with ease. The Movie duration is long ! Altough it is obvious that the fact that everyone is waiting for the moment where Anakin wear his dark helmet for the first time really helps. Trust me, there is no boring moment.

    Visually, the screen was rich. Every second, every moment, there are some CG magic happing done by the masterly ILM. And the sound, oh boy the soundnrack really kick ass. Altough im a bit of dissapointed with Tunjungan 21's Sound system. The first scene, the battle at the sky of corruscant, i can only imagine the roar of the starfighter's engine and the blast, as the sound system didnt really comes up to the potential. Unluckyly, throughout the movie, my ears gradually adapts to the SHITuation.

    Really, this IS the movie. Palpatin finally reveal himself as Lord Sidious. And you can see Master Jedi Mace Windu in a light saber action, Mace Windu really kick some ass. He is the number one warrior of the Jedi Master. And dont forget, the grandest master of all. Master Yoda. The small, green, ultra powerfull and wise Master Yoda.
    The final duel of Anakin vs ObiWan at the volcanic planet Mustafar is also a moment that will stay in your head for a long time. Its simply spectacular. Very brutal. All the finest move of a Jedi Knight in action !

    Oh and dont forget, you get to see Luke and Leia.
    And, apparently the Corellian Corvette that Leia use at the introduction of Episode IV was a family ship owned by the Organas. Senator Organa that is. And also you get to see a glimpse of familiar characters, the young Grand Moff Tarkin and Chewie.

    The movie also answered the question regarding 3CPO and R2D2. If 3CPO was made in Tattoine (Episode I), how come he doesnt know or remember it in Episode IV ?

    All in all, i give this movie a perfect ten out of ten.
    A must see, and a must have. Cant wait for the dvds and the bonus materials.
    If you havent seen it, go see it now !

    I just got interviewed by hard rock fm Surabaya for their show, cinema on hard rock fm. Its about my expierence at yesterday's starwars premiere, etc etc. When i was asked who my favourite character was, i blurted Mace Window. Because Sam. L. Jackson is one bad ass nasty mutha fucka. Did i just say mother fucker on air ? :D

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