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    Donnerstag, April 27, 2006

    Via [digg]. Omg, StarCraft ??? on the PSP ??? Ive always fancied the NDS. But this could be the killer app for the PSP. Still dont know about the control mechanism tough. How are they going to make this things work on such a tiny device. I mean, playing StarCraft on the pc was difficult enough with input combo of keyboard and mouse to be able to utilize all the tactics. Rush, Counter rush, backdoor rush, Airdrop rush. Come on, this is StarCraft. Arguably the best RTS game ever. But i still doesnt get it, the idea of playing StarCraft using analog joystiq will probably be just plain sux. If StarCraft come to the NDS, now that would be a better idea, with the touchpad and stylus. Hmm.. hmm...

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