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    Dienstag, August 22, 2006

    CG Toolbar Mozilla add-ons

    saw this one today, and it looks interesting enough enough

    Heres the details :

    CGToolbar is extremely useful and must have tool for CG Artists,
    Animators, VFX and 3d professionals. CGI Toolbar is one of its kind
    (unique)- probably the first toolbar which is loaded with custom
    features,built by focusing on the needs of a computer graphics
    professional and to cater the whole CG community. This small but
    powerful Tool bring all the resources a CG artists ever need at their
    fingertips by bridging the gap between various useful CG Portals.
    Besides all this, its offers all the features that a normal toolbar may

    -Offers powerful and focused search capability.

    -You can choose between trusted Google or Computer

    Graphics community based search engine. We have been working on CGI
    community powered search engine (CGIndia Swicki) for last couple of
    months. The Search engine displays results from CGIndia as well as
    other CG portals and users can actively suggest changes directly on the
    search page and contributes to the quality of the search results.

    -Get instant access to useful Resource links and speedy browsing .

    - Direct download links to the free 3d models, 3d meshs, textures, latest 3ds Max scripts, Graphics tools and much more.

    - Access to your favorite forums is just a click away.

    - No more link mess-up; like in IE favorites. Only Related and useful links.

    - Get Computer Graphics news headlines automatically (Ticker)

    - Automatically Get latest News/Articles from reputed 3d, animation, VFX and CG websites.

    - Includes a cookie cleaner, a history cleaner, and a cache cleaner

    - Get notified when you receive new e-mails to your POP3, Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts.

    - You may hide - unhide even shirk.

    - Really saves you hell amount of time.

    Available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ (662 KB only) and Firefox 1.0.1+ (103 KB only)

    Above all, you will get more n more features with time without even
    updating it.You will see changes automatically as we add more features.

    It's free, with no spy ware or viruses, no ads, does not open pop-ups
    or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required. "The
    CGToolbar collects anonymous usage data but it DOES NOT spy on your
    browsing habits. Please see our privacy policy here:"

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