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    Dienstag, August 15, 2006

    stranger by the day

    It is a strange time. Just got word from my old workplace, altough they have moved the office, new building and stuff, but things didnt get better. Bad management caused bad work environment. And finally, almost all of the staff quit. Coincidentally they are all almost at the same time. Shortly before that, one of the staff had an accident. And while she was hospitalized, somehow the boss think she didnt contribute to the company and decided to axe her. But while the verdict was announced at the office, the boss didnt want to tell the staff her self, she wants the other employee to deliver the news. What a coward. Of course the other staff member refused. Maybe this was one of the trigger of the quitting.

    Anyway, after working at the air force, i was teaching a 3d modelling / animation class in an institution at the Biliton Street. It was ok, and afterward they asked me to write a book for them. The book was to be used in their future 3d classes.

    At the same time, altough their money was good, I still wanted to work at a big company and climb the corporate ladder. I wanted to have a steady good paying job with good benefits. So there i was, waiting in the queue line for some consumer good company. I was interviewed for the position in the promotion departement. And yes, altough i managed to score in the 3 interview, i passed the hrd department, some guy who looks important, and i even get interviewed by the GM, somehow i managed to screw up my psychotest. Its been a long time since I've had my psychotest, some time in high school - college days. And i feels like i did a bad job at my psychotest. I dont know, maybe the result shows that im retarded ? Or maybe the interviewer at the psychotest, a human resource consultant, didnt feels convinved that Im selling my competency and somehow surprised that I didnt have my degree. Strange toughts linger on.

    Yes it is a strange time indeed.
    And and old friend of mine is asking me to give training at his company. As for me, somehow Im still expecting to be called by the consumer good company, so i passed the torch. I asked another friend from the old workplace to replace me at the training. The strange thing is, now im not so sure about that. Yes, i made a blunder at the psychotest. But altough hopes are slim, I should have known better not to gamble on that and grasp the training job. But everything has been done now. And all I can do is just focus on my work, and do better :-)

    Maybe its not a strange time.
    Im getting older, and the competition is getting younger.
    I should adapt or go the dinosaur way.

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