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    Mittwoch, April 25, 2007

    Bincang Fotografi @ Hardrock FM

    Yesterday i was invited to the Bincang Fotografi (Phootgraphy talkshow) at the HardrockFM. The talkshow was aired at 8pm, as it was still within the good morning hardrocker timeframe, expect hilarity to happens on air. The show was hosted by Ivan Arbani and Dego (who covered the original host, Meity who couldnt make it). And was co-hosted by Benny Chandra from Visual Now Photography. Beside me, they also invited Donny Kristian Dachi, a.k.a fusion, a.k.a mistis. The topic was "utak atik foto", at first i tought it was about digital imaging. Well.. its about digital imaging allright, its about "how to mess with other people pics" :-)

    DK is an old friend of mine, he used photoshop as good as any protoss pylon mining minerals. Its been a while since we met irl, so its kinda surprising to see him gained a few weight.

    Anyway, the talkshow itself was fun. Filled with jokes and useless junk. Altough some of the caller did asked some serious questions, we still maintained the light atmosphere while still answered the questions correctly. I think it suits the good morning hardrocker. Which is usually, loud and fun. Basically to wake people up without having to put a lot of thinking.

    The podcast of the show can be downloaded from
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