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    Mittwoch, Mai 02, 2007

    spiderman 3 : the king of superhero movie is back

    Just finished watching Spidey 3, and it was absolutely amazing. Cant wait to see it again. At first i was a bit sceptical, after all, this movie contain 3 great characters (other than your friendly neighbourhood), The Sandman, (the harry osborne's version of) Green Goblin and my favourite, Venom. I mean, the venom storyline alone took a long time on the comic book universe, how can Sam Raimi squeeze it into this, along with Harry Osborne's fall and rise as The new Green Goblin. And not to mention, introducing Flint Marko a.k.a. The Sandman. I always tought they're going to bring the Lizard first into the movie, since hes been mentioned in Ben Affleck's Daredevil (A big crocodile in manhattan sewer ?) and first showed up in Spidey 2.

    So anyway, Sam Raimi really stands for his words. This is not another emo spidey episode like Spidey 2, this movie is FULL of action scene. The comic book physics really has been applied well into this movie. I mean, spidey jumping around, the sandman smash and grab method, the new goblin with a more sporty and sleek design,zand of course, venom's tounge ;-) But dont get fooled by these premises, spidey 3 do have a solid storyline.

    When Sam Raimi choses to use the organic web spinning method in the first movie, many fans (including me) are worried about how hes going to bring venom into the movie. But Sam Raimi's Spiderman is a different universe from the comic book, and sure enough, lots of adjustments have to be made for the movie. Since there are lots of things going on on this movie, people will forget the poor introduction of the Venom Symbiote in this movie. You wont have the time to ask a lot of questions since you're going to be introduced to Flint Marko and his family problem. Peter Parker and MJ's development. And the fall and rise of Harry Osborne.

    The new goblin explodes right into the screen at the beginning of the movie. Catching Peter Parker off guard (yes ! ive been thinking the same question. Has spidey lost his spider sense in this movie ? check out the classroom scene with Gwen) and the battle scene reminds you why you loved the second movie. The special f/x was the top of the class. It was beautifully rendered and choreograped, the comic books physics has been really translated very well in this movie.

    Moving on, somehow Harry has knock himself on the head and lost his short term memory. He didnt remember all the goblin-spider affair, and he became best buddy once more with Peter Parker and MJ. Meanwhile MJ has found her career sinking like titanic. And Peter, being the usual clown, is insensitively enjoying his...or...Spiderman's popularity in the city. In the middle of this, somehow Sam Raimi has managed to introduce Gwen Stacy (in the comic book universe, shes peter parker's first girlfriend, and get killed by the original green goblin) to complicate Peter's plan to propose MJ. And Harry regained his memory and managed to convince MJ to break up with Peter. Ofcourse this is all just Harry's plan to broke Peter's heart, which ultimately bring the two into a slugfest. Peter Parker, having acquired the Venom symbiote, won the fight. The venom symbiote, while make Parker stronger also bring out (or amplified) the dark side of him.

    When Parker realised this, he decide to dump the Venom symbiote which was conveniently then found by Eddie Brock, who just lost his job because of Parker. After he become Venom (complete with the tooth and the tounge), Brock joined with Marko to devised a plan to defeat spiderman. Of course, the cornered Sandman, having just defeated by spidey and at the prospect of losing his family, agrees with Brock.

    So this lead to the ultimate battle at the end of the movie, where MJ has been taken hostage by Venom and the Sandman to lure Spidey into his doom. MJ, has proved her self to be a veteran in the superhero girlfriend business. She didnt scream as annoyingly like in the previous movies. The last fight scene was incredible. Ive told you earlier, that the Venom storyline was the poorest of the three characters. But it was due to the time limitation, and you will be given a fast explanatory on the screen. In the comic, we have Reed Richards (Mr.Fantastic) to help extract the Venom Symbiote from Peter Parker's body. But here, Spidey just drops in conveniently into a huge church bell (The Spidey Venom battle scene in the McFarlane's book)to dump the Venom Symbiote, and Spidey defeats Venom without that handy high tech ultra sonic gun from Mr. Fantastic. Oh btw, to spice things up, Peter learnt that Flint Marko was the guy who shot Uncle Ben.

    Overall, this movie rocks ! The CG was INCREDIBLE. Altough Venom only showed up for the last part of the movie, but its very good. Cant wait how they're going to bring Carnage into the next movie ;)

    Venom in this movie is slimmer than in the comic (even Eddie Brock is skinny !). The director decides to go against the muscular Venom to make the perfect Spiderman enemy. The anti-spiderman that is Venom.

    Bruce Campbell makes a cameo in this movie (continuing the tradition), along with other from Xena's camp. Expect to see Stan the man Lee. Grace Park also makes an appereance. No sony product placement, except perhaps old SE T630i and some scattered Blue Ray discs on the floor. If you liked Spiderman, then what are you waiting for. The movie opens today in Surabaya.

    I have seen it, and i like it. Lets hope the crew will return for the next movie.

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    Less than the 2, Spider-Man 3 is a really good movie