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    Dienstag, April 12, 2005

    Alternate Reality Gaming

    So what else is new in the world of marketing. The new kid on the block is Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG). Funny, since i just re-read Scott McCloud's book about understanding comic, where he predict the next step in comic evolution is 'The medium is the message'. After which Garibauld continued 'The message IS the medium'. Or is it the other way around ? :P

    Anyway, ARG is a cool marketing game set up by spreading 'clues' everywhere. On websites, emails, gps coordinates, fax sheets, tv commercials, and so on. Sounds like a modern day treasure hunting eh ? :-) And to keep up with the jargonizer term, its a viral marketing mutating into a good use for them nerds. Uhm..nerds ? and i tought i was a geek.

    If you want to take a look at the current ARG event, a good example is the preparation for X-Box 360's launching events.

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