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    Dienstag, April 26, 2005

    Janji Joni

    Im a big fan of Joko Anwar. Before i terminated my subscribtion to Jakarta Post, i used to read his review religiously. He is good at writing movie critics and i think he should stick to his old profession, writing critics, cos obviously, when we talk about his debut at movie writing and directing, he has to swallow his own pills.

    Janji Joni opened with a good premise. Theories. I just luv theories. Im a conspiracy theory buff. So obviously the opening of Janji Joni where Joni (Nicolas Saputra) explain his theory about movie lovers, movie goers, etc, really won my attention. But it was all down hill afterwards. Altough i have to admit, that there are some genuinely funny moment, the rest was downcast boring and too predictable. It really felt like an unfinished coreographed sequence. Everything just doesnt blend the way its supposed to be. I can sense the direction Joko was trying to go, but the execution just lack the natural feels the way it should be. Heck, in the movie, Joko even bring the topic of 'continuity in film making', which was performed well by guest star Ria Irawan, who was stealing the show everytime she appears. But the chemistry just doesnt work (at least for me). Everything was felt coreographed. At least we can count on Mariana Renata to look adorable all the time. Shes even more gorgeous in real life you know.

    One of the flaw that i failed to notice earlier is the fact that Movie Roll delivery, isnt allowed to go solo. Always it takes two to deliver. No solo flight. Why ? as a backup plan so that the "un well timed mischief" that happened to Joni doesnt happen to them. It is a system that has been used for ages. Well, at least here in Surabaya.

    And Joni, as an anti social theorist, as he himself described early in the movie, talks to smoothly to Angelique (Mariana Renata gituloh!). Come on, as a geeky antisocial theorist, sure.. in his head he knows theories about dealing with some kind of people, but in real life, most of the geeks i know doest do their thing as smooth as Joni. Where are the clumsy moments ?
    And the end is oh yet so very predictable.

    All in all, i still think this movie is going to be a box office hit. All the big names will help :-) And the fact that not all people is as jaded as me will surely be a good fact to know.
    Loved the soundtrack. Really kick ass...


    Ben hat gesagt…

    Joni yang kurang menjanjikan, terutama dari sudut logis :)

    Anonym hat gesagt…

    Joko Anwar should stick to reviewing movies? Nooo... He is THE filmmaker that we hope will be able to revive the local film industry. I think Janji Joni is an excellent movie. It's raw, but Joko Anwar has mentioned the style he wanted before the shooting began. It's fresh, intelligent, highly entertaining. Gotta love that, and the majority of the critics love that, the audience obviously LOVE the movie. Read its friendster. :)

    Q hat gesagt…

    To Anonymous :
    Well, Joko Anwar has stated implicitly with Joni saying that he will never believe the critics anymore ;-) If joni didnt believe the critics, why should i ?

    Well yeah if you stated that the majority of the critics loved the movie, i could only say maybe. But as i said, im not majority critic. And the fact that halfway trough the movie, im half asleep should read as a warning for Joko Anwar.

    But sure, i love his guts for making Janji Joni. But the movie doesnt work for me, its as simple as that.

    Anonym hat gesagt…

    Yeah the movie is full of self-commentaries. That we should not trust critics, etc. The fact that you think the movie doesn't work is also represented in the toilet scene where DJ Winky character says: "the movie doesn't make any sense!" But then Tora Sudiro character "it works for me. It's all about meeting your soulmate" and so on. I'm a romantic, so the movie works perfectly for me. I'm also a movie lover. When I go to watch movie, I want to enjoy it, not to scrutinize it. Why I love the movie and you don't? May be it's like what Joni said in the movie: "May be because I'm not as jaded and cynical as you are." See what I mean? The movie's genius.

    Q hat gesagt…

    Hmm, i dont think Janji Joni has the potential to become a cult movie, and therefore i dont try to interpret each line. Just some memorable (and original) scenes. Thats all. But the rest simply turns my smile upside down.

    I mean, its Joko Anwar gituloh. I read his review at the post and for him, the one who scrutinize all movies to make Janji Joni like that, personally i think Joko Anwar is afraid to be criticized. And therefore hes holding back and trying to make an excuse here and there (in the movie). I like stupid movie. Really. But Janji Joni has so many iregurralities down to the level of not cool. So for me, the movie just doesnt work.

    But who am i to judge ? let the audience decide. Hey, its been almost 3 weeks and Janji Joni is still playing in Surabaya.

    gundala hat gesagt…

    Yes, who are u to judge. janji joni has become official selection in many prestigious film festivals. Hell, joko anwar was even nominated for best emerging director in new york. I think you're the one who should swallow your own pill, brother. :))

    Hunt and Fish hat gesagt…

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    Anonym hat gesagt…

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