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    Freitag, Juni 23, 2006


    Finally, just finished the animation project for Giant Hypermarket. Phew. This thing has been going on for like.. how long ? like 4 months ?
    Man, if a project is stretched like this, not only the budget will expand beyond control. My mood will also be a.w.o.l. Fortunately, this is a small budget project, somehow i even forgot about this project :P and cant remember where i put all the files.

    Oh well, all in all, we always believe in happy ending. And if the client is happy, then im getting paid, and im happy too. And lets not forget the timing. Somehow it felt like a perfect timing for a closure, just when i think im going broke, no project, no job, no money, this old skeleton from the closet came alive and help me with my days.

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