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    Dienstag, Juni 27, 2006

    WorldCup Fever

    Well, what can i say. Its World Cup Fever all over again. The World Cup 2006 at Germany has reached the elimination round, and i must say ... all the team that went trough are very strong. Of course its too early to play favourite. But judging by the performance on the group phase Argentina has caught the eyes of many fans with their 6-0 demolition win over Serbia and Montenegro.
    And of course the young guns of Spain, who will looks to exorcise their demon. Having titled the almost got it team, this year Spain looks like a very strong title contender.
    And we also got Brazil. Looks shaky on the opening two games. But went on a rampage over Japan with a convincing 4-1 victory that also marks the return of big Ronaldo.

    But if you ask me, which team is my favourite ? its kinda hard to say. But ill have to say England. Well, England hasnt been performing on full throttle. And yes, they've been billed with number 2 ranking, just under Brazil. But so far, they seems unable to show their skill in the beautiful game, but strangely, theyve been doing so far on the tournament. Another thing i love about England is their supporter. They are always singing on the stadion, cheering for their heroes. The England player have been performing well for their clubs, but they just cant seem to click on the pitch when they put on the three lions jersey. Well, lets just see how far they can go this year.

    England all the way to Berlin !

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