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    Mittwoch, November 22, 2006

    a revision from amen, regarding margot kidder

    a revision from amen, regarding my post about superman returns

    wwmen (11/22/2006 9:20:38 AM): loh margot kidder kan blum mati
    rumputyangbergoyang (11/22/2006 9:24:59 AM): lois lane ?
    wwmen (11/22/2006 9:25:20 AM): yoih *baru baca blog lama*
    rumputyangbergoyang (11/22/2006 9:25:31 AM): yang mana ya
    wwmen (11/22/2006 9:25:43 AM): sakit jiwa gitu deh
    wwmen (11/22/2006 9:25:43 AM): superman curse
    rumputyangbergoyang (11/22/2006 9:25:44 AM): margot kidder belum mati ya ?
    rumputyangbergoyang (11/22/2006 9:26:07 AM): bukannya stress ditolak richard pyor *gak habis mikir* terus percobaan bunuh diri ?
    wwmen (11/22/2006 9:26:38 AM):
    wwmen (11/22/2006 9:26:53 AM): In 1996, as she was preparing to writer her autobiography, she began to become more and more paranoid. When her computer was infected with a virus, this gave her paranoia full rein, and she sank into bipolar disorder. She panicked, and the resulting psychological problems she created for herself resulted in her fantasizing that her first husband was going to kill her, so she left her home and faked her death, physically altering her appearance in the bargain. After an intervention took place, she got back on her feet and started the mental wellness campaign. Since then she has sustained her career in film, television, and theater, recently appearing in a Canadian stage production of "The Vagina Monologues".
    rumputyangbergoyang (11/22/2006 9:27:24 AM): faked death


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