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    Donnerstag, Dezember 21, 2006

    2007 cumin in your face

    Its going to be another new year, boy has time flies so fast.
    I know what i want, and i will work hard to achieve it.

    I have so many dreams, but right now i only has one thing in my mind. And that dream alone keep the wheels inside of me running. I wish i can get stronger. Both physically and mentally, and more mature.
    Need to plan ahead, for time is something i truely treasure right now. And i really dont want to waste mine.

    2006 has actually been pretty rough on me. This year is like my wake up call. Made me realize all the mistakes ive made and how i can make it better by working harder.
    I wish I can learn from my mistakes, i want to be a better person, who listen to other and not listening to my own voice. I wish i can be more sensitive and caring person, not the ignorant egomaniac person who always think of himself as superman. I wish i can open my heart, and not be proud to called persistently stone cold. And i wish i can work harder and smarter. Im not proud to be slacker anymore. I wish i can grow up.

    I want to be the man the she can depend on. And i want her to sees my as i am.

    Im not going to do any name dropping here, but here are some of my wish list. I want to write it here, and in my heart and mind.

    Thank you 2006, hope 2007 is going to get better for all of us.

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