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    Dienstag, April 29, 2008

    Monday Soundsation at eX Plaza 28 April 2008

    4:30 PM Paladin called me, says hes going to be at eX at 6:00 pm to watch his friends from Maliq and D`Essentials perform. Probably will ask Dauf to come too.
    5:40 I go out from the office and arrived at the scene
    5:50 Sexy Dancers coming out..err.. down from the elevators, and the story goes like this...

    Sexy Dancer on elevator
    Celebrity sighting : Hey, its Krisdayanti !
    Di3Va and VJ Marissa
    VJ Mike and Tompi
    VJ Marissa
    Di3Va and VJ Marissa
    Maliq and D`essentials
    VJ Marissa and Me
    Where are you looking at
    Bear Sighting

    Heres some of the videos i made

    The event ended at around 7:00 pm. And everyone goes home happy (i think), at least i am, i got my free t-shirt. Yes, I Actually got a free t-shirt :-)Using the force, I manage to force pull the tshirt thrown away to the crowds :P

    All pictures and videos are taken using Nokia N82.

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