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    Samstag, August 09, 2008

    Overheard in Jakarta - History of Becak

    When the chinese first arived in Medan (yes, i did hear Medan). They didnt bring any anything than clothes and some personal belongings. To get their hands on food, they worked hard on any job they could find, including a cycle rickshaw. When asked how could they do such a hard work ? The said because they havent eat or Bo Chia. Who later that expression became Becak.

    But, when i checked on wikipedia,, it is said that Becak also come from a Hokkien: Be Chia which means horse carriage.

    Today becak almost extinct from Jakarta. But back home in Surabaya, i can still go home from Galaxy Mall to my house using Becak. Unfortunately the becak drivers get cranky fast, they wont negotiate their fare :-(

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